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UK Football Scouting offer players a range of services to educate, develop and provide opportunities to be scouted by football clubs of all levels across the UK. Below are just some of the services we offer our players.


Football Trials
Our Trials are held at high quality venues across the UK and give players the opportunity to showcase themselves to the staff/scouts in attendance.

The format of the Trials is the same at every venue with players taking part in a professional warm up and ball work session before being assessed in a full size game. We have limited numbers on each event giving the players the best possible opportunity of being scouted.

We have opportunities on our events for players aged 12 and over.

Pro Coaching Days

Our Pro Coaching Days give players the opportunity to experience a day in the life of a professional footballer working with highly qualified coaches and ex players.

Players take part in a professional warm up and coaching drills which will help them improve as a player and prepare them for Trials. We have limited numbers on these events giving players the best experience possible. 

Showcase Squad

Players have the opportunity to be selected for our showcase squads and take part in arranged matches against high level clubs in front of Managers, Coaches and Scouts.

Scouting Reports

We now offer players the option to be assessed in a game for their own club, one of our scouts will attend one of your fixtures and provide you with a full player report. Players watched also have the opportunity of gaining Trials at higher level clubs according to their ability/performance.

Fitness & Nutrition Guides/Plans

Our highly qualified and experienced Head of Fitness and Nutrition is on hand to assist all of our players to be in the best condition, ready for any Football Trials or Showcase Matches when they arise.

Zoom Events

Our Zoom events give players the opportunity to gain a better insight into what it takes to make it as a footballer. These cover a range of subjects including scouting/recruitment, fitness & nutrition and many more.

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